ApeGarden | LootBox BSC Token Selling (ICO) Component With Smart Contracts

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ApeGarden | LootBox BSC Token Selling Component With Smart Contracts is a new dimension of excitement and engagement for your crypto project's initial coin offering (ICO) with ApeGarden, a decentralized application (dApp) designed to bring a fresh and thrilling approach to fundraising. With ApeGarden's innovative LootBox BSC Token Selling Component and Smart Contracts, project owners can captivate investors by offering an enticing blend of token purchases and surprises.



  • Smart Contract (Solidity)
  • Frontend Full Source Code
  • Documentation
  • Technical Support

Key Features:

  1. LootBox Innovation: ApeGarden pioneers a novel ICO experience by introducing lootboxes. Project owners (deployers) can create these virtual treasure troves filled with opportunities for investors. Each lootbox purchase not only secures tokens but also unlocks a bonus gift, making the investment journey more enjoyable.

  2. Secure Transactions: ApeGarden prioritizes the security of transactions. Investors can confidently buy loot boxes knowing that the tokens will only be transferred to their wallets after the dApp verifies the reception of BNB, USDT, USDC, or any other BSC token. This ensures a seamless and secure process for both parties.

  3. Instant Fund Allocation: Forget about waiting periods and manual transfers. ApeGarden ensures that all raised funds instantly reach the project owner's wallet with each lootbox purchase. This streamlined process allows for quicker project development and implementation of investor contributions.

  4. No Commissions, No Taxes: ApeGarden stands out by providing a transparent and cost-effective fundraising solution. Say goodbye to hidden fees and unnecessary taxes. All funds raised go directly to the project owner's wallet, allowing for maximum financial efficiency and transparency.

  5. Wallet Connect V2 Integration: ApeGarden seamlessly integrates with Wallet Connect V2, supporting over 400+ wallets, including popular options like Metamask and Trust Wallet. This wide-ranging compatibility ensures accessibility for a diverse range of investors, making the ICO experience hassle-free and user-friendly.


How it Works:

  1. Create Lootboxes: Project owners can effortlessly design and launch enticing lootboxes via the Smart Contract.

  2. Investor Purchase: Investors explore and purchase lootboxes using BNB, USDT, USDC, or other BSC tokens, securing both the primary tokens and a bonus gift.

  3. Secure Transactions: ApeGarden ensures the secure completion of transactions, transferring tokens to investors only after verifying the reception of the specified BSC tokens.

  4. Instant Fund Allocation: Raised funds instantly and automatically flow into the project owner's wallet, enabling swift project development and implementation.

  5. Transparent Financials: ApeGarden's commitment to transparency is evident through its no-commission, no-tax approach, ensuring that all funds go directly to the project owner.



  • Node JS
  • Metamask / Trust Wallet
  • BNB (For Smart Contract Deployment)
  • Code Editor of Your Choice


Live Demo: https://bsc-lootbox.zilab.co/

Support Telegram: @zilab_technologies

3 BNB≈ $1,701.057

✅ Including Technical Support

✅ Trusted Seller

✅ Full-source code

✅ Reviewed by Pinky Finance Devs

✅ Instant File Download

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Release date04 Feb 2024
Software version1.0.0
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