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Smart Contract SCAN - Unverfieid Smart Contract Write/Read dApp - This tool is useful for the project owners that does not want to verify their smart contracts. You can execute all the smart contract functions if you have just the smart contract code yourself - and run them on your local PC by using this dApp.


While there are clear benefits to verifying smart contracts, it's essential to note that the decision might depend on the specific circumstances. For example, during the initial development and testing phases, developers might deploy contracts for internal testing without immediate verification.

This is very useful tool for project smart contracts that are ONLY for INTERNAL usage, that you don't want others to see. 


If a smart contract is intended for internal use within a closed environment and not exposed to external users, developers might prioritize speed and flexibility over immediate verification.

In some cases, developers may have concerns about revealing sensitive or proprietary information through the verification process. However, it's essential to note that blockchain transactions are typically transparent, and the details of a contract's execution are visible on the blockchain regardless of verification.



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Release date10 Oct 2023
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