ArtiCoin | Full ICO (Presale) BSC Selling dApp With Smart Contracts

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ArtiCoin | Full ICO (Presale) BSC Selling dApp With Smart Contracts is a perfect solution for the new crypto projects that want to make their own website, It has everything that is needed to start with: tokenomics, buy form, roadmap, team section, how to buy and more. 

Raise funds for your project with ArtiCoin | Full ICO (Presale) BSC Selling dApp With Smart Contracts, accept investments in: BNB, USDT, USDC, BUSD, DAI and any other coin on Binance Smart Chain

Here are a few reasons why crypto presale may be for you:

  • Early Capital Injection: ArtiCoin | Full ICO (Presale) BSC Selling dApp With Smart Contracts allows cryptocurrency projects to raise funds at an early stage of development. This initial capital injection can be crucial for covering development costs, marketing, and other expenses necessary to bring the project to fruition.
  • Building Community: During a presale, projects often attract early supporters and investors who believe in the project.
  • Price Discovery: A presale can help your project determine the initial market price for the token.
  • Bootstrapping Liquidity: By conducting a presale you can generate liquidity for your token to get it listed on the major CEXes.



  • Smart Contract (Solidity)
  • Token vesting
  • Token Unlocking
  • Token buying
  • Set price per token
  • Update price per token
  • Stop sale
  • Wallet connect v2 integration
  • Trust Wallet integration
  • Metamask integration
  • Full Website
  • Team Section
  • Tokenomics Section
  • Roadmap Section
  • How to buy Section
  • Fully responsive UI
  • Buy with Credit Card Modal
  • Animations
  • Possibility of adding referral
  • And more




  • BEP20 Wallet
  • Node JS
  • VPS/Shared Hosting
  • Domain
  • VS Code


AVAILABLE also with referral, contact us on Telegram: @zilab_technologies

1.85 BNB≈ $1,048.985

✅ Including Technical Support

✅ Trusted Seller

✅ Full-source code

✅ Reviewed by Pinky Finance Devs

✅ Instant File Download

✅ Fully Decentralized File Purchase


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Release date06 Oct 2023
Software version1.0.0
Blockchain ICO Presale BEP20 dApp Smart Contracts

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