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Ethereum (ERC20) Presale Component (Embed on Your Site) is a fully ready presale (ICO) for your token on Ethereum Blockchain. It's built on the React JS and comes with the presale smart contract (Solidity) and documentation. You can use this solution for running presale with stages - by increasing the token price, and set the stages on the config file.

A crypto token presale can be useful for several reasons, both for project developers and early investors. Here are some common reasons why crypto token presales are considered beneficial:

  1. Capital Generation: One of the primary reasons for conducting a token presale is to generate capital for the development and launch of the project. This initial funding can be crucial for covering expenses such as technology development, marketing, legal compliance, and other operational costs.
  2. Early Community Building: A presale allows the project to build a community of early supporters and investors. These individuals are typically more engaged and interested in the success of the project, providing a solid foundation for the community that can later contribute to the project's growth and adoption.
  3. Price Discount for Early Participants: Token presales often offer tokens at a discounted price compared to the public sale or the token's market value post-launch. This incentivizes early investors to commit funds before the project gains widespread attention and potentially increases the value of their investment.
  4. Seed Funding and Validation: A successful presale not only provides capital but also serves as a validation of the project's concept. If there is enough interest and investment during the presale, it can signal to the broader market that there is demand for the project, potentially attracting more investors and users.
  5. Token Distribution: By conducting a presale, the project can distribute a portion of its tokens to a diverse set of early investors. This wider distribution can help decentralize token ownership, reduce the risk of concentration, and contribute to a more decentralized network.


Tokens are NOT sent directly to the investors wallet - they are held in the smart contract until presale is finished.

You can embed this component on any HTML/JS/Wordpress website easily with <iframe>

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