CryptoDash - ERC20 Crypto Deposit and Withdraw (USDT) Full dApp With Registration

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CryptoDash - ERC20 Crypto Deposit and Withdraw (USDT) Full dApp With Registration is a full system that allows users to signup / sign in and make the crypto deposits and withdrawals on the platform. This platform does not contain any fees or vesting deposit, it is a dynamic deposit/withdraw dApp, where anyone who make the deposit, can view their deposited amount and make the instant withdrawal - no admin needs to approve the withdrawal request, it all works automatically out-of-the-box. In addition it's possible to customise deposit fees and add restricted withdrawal feature (for instance allow withdraws only after some time) - this would require custom work, and if you need this you can contact us on the Telegram: @zilab_technologies.


Tech Stack

  • Frontend is written on React JS
  • API is written on Laravel (PHP)
  • Smart contract is written on Solidity


  • Sign up Form
  • Sign in Form
  • View amount
  • Deposit USDT (or any other token on Ethereum Blockchain)
  • Withdraw USDT (or any other token on Ethereum Blockchain)
  • Smart Contract Included
  • Wallet Connect v2 Integration
  • Trust Wallet Support
  • Metamask Support
  • Fully responsive UI
  • API Included.
  • Full Source code Included.
  • And more



  • PHP 8.1 +
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • Composer
  • Node JS
  • Code Editor
  • Crypto Wallet




If you need a custom blockchain development or support regarding any of our items listed on Pinky Finance, feel free to contact us on Telegram: @zilab_technologies

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✅ Including Technical Support

✅ Trusted Seller

✅ Full-source code

✅ Reviewed by Pinky Finance Devs

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Release date17 Oct 2023
Software version1.0.0
Blockchain Ethereum dApp API Withdraw Deposit Staking

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