PrivateSaler | Laravel Dashboard With Private Sale Integration (KYC Module - Optional) Including Smart Contract

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PrivateSaler | Laravel Dashboard With Private Sale Integration (And KYC Module - Optional) Including Smart Contract is a fully ready made system for allowing to sell your tokens in a private dashboard, anyone can signup, but before they can actually buy admin needs to verify the new users (can also request a KYC). Admins can see all the transaction history, referral history and more. Investors can view each transaction on the dashboard AND blockchain itself. Tokens are locked until the end ot fhe private sale.

A crypto private sale, also known as a private placement or private token sale, is a fundraising method used by cryptocurrency and blockchain projects to raise capital from a select group of investors before making the tokens available to the public through an initial coin offering (ICO) or initial exchange offering (IEO).

In a private sale, a project typically offers tokens at a lower price to a limited number of institutional investors, high-net-worth individuals, or strategic partners. This allows the project to secure the necessary funding to develop their blockchain technology, launch their platform, or achieve other project goals.


Admin Dashboard Features

  • Manage Users;
  • View All Transactions;
  • Update token price;
  • Manage payable tokens;
  • Update site settings (social links, contract addresses and more)
  • Withdraw Tokens;
  • View Beautiful Graphs of transactions;
  • View Referral Transactions;
  • Connect with Web 3.0
  • Set min/max purchase amount;
  • Set soft/hardcap amount;
  • Set token locking - on/off;
  • Enable / Disable KYC;
  • Set Sale Status;
  • Set Referral Reward prizes;
  • Clear Cache;
  • And more...


User Dashboard Features

  • Signup / Login;
  • KYC Form;
  • Buy Tokens;
  • View Transactions;
  • Referral Link;
  • 2FA Verification;
  • Wallet Connect (V1)
  • Change password;
  • Sale end date Countdown;
  • And more...


Project sample demo:


User Login: / password 

Admin Login: / password

[IMPORTANT]: On DEMO you cannot buy the tokens - you need to setup the smart contracts and add them to the config after file purchase.


Files Included

  • Laravel (PHP 8.1)
  • Solidity (Smart Contract for Sale)
  • Documentation



  • PHP 8.0^
  • MySQL / PostgreSQL
  • Crypto Wallet (ERC20 / BEP20)
  • Shared Hosting or VPS
  • Code Editor


If you have any questions feel free to contact our Support Team on Telegram: @zilab_technologies



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