Cryptocurrency Airdrop Script With Tasks - Manual Distribution

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Cryptocurrency Airdrop Script With Tasks - Manual Distribution is a ready-made airdrop script, where you can add a tasks for people that they need to do in order to participate on the airdrop. You can add tasks like social media following, link clicks, and more. A crypto airdrop with tasks is a marketing strategy often employed by blockchain projects to increase awareness, engagement, and user adoption. In a Cryptocurrency Airdrop Script With Tasks - Manual Distribution, participants are required to complete certain actions or tasks in order to receive free tokens or cryptocurrencies after the airdrop has finished. (IMPORTANT: Tokens needs to be sent manually by the project owners after the airdrop has finished). 

The airdrop files contains: Frontend on Next JS and Backend on Laravel (for admins, to view all the participants)


Why Airdrops are Useful?

  • Community Building: Airdrops help in building and expanding the project's community. By distributing tokens to a wider audience, the project can attract new members who may become long-term supporters and contributors.
  • Increased Awareness: Airdrops create awareness about the project within the cryptocurrency community and beyond. Participants in the airdrop may share their experiences and information about the project, leading to increased visibility.
  • User Acquisition: Airdrops are an effective way to acquire new users. By distributing tokens for free, projects can attract individuals who may not have initially considered using or investing in the project.
  • Token Distribution: Airdrops can be used as a method for distributing tokens more widely. This can help in achieving a more decentralized distribution of tokens, reducing the risk of concentration among a few holders.
  • Engagement and Participation: Airdrops often involve tasks or activities that require participants to engage with the project. This engagement can include social media activities, content creation, or other tasks, fostering a sense of community involvement.
  • Promoting Token Utility: If the project's token has specific utility within its ecosystem, airdrops can help distribute tokens to users who are likely to use them for their intended purpose, thus promoting the token's utility.



  • Beautiful UI/UX (Fully responsive)
  • Collect Contact details
  • Add / Manage Tasks
  • One wallet can participate only one time
  • View all participants on Admin Dashboard
  • Easy to setup



  • PHP 8.0+
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • Composer
  • Node JS
  • Code editor


Tech Stack

  • Laravel (PHP)
  • Next JS





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