SwordX | Full Website With ERC20 Presale Integration (Token Vesting)

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SwordX | Full Website With ERC20 Presale Integration (Token Vesting), your all-in-one solution for launching a powerful website with seamless ERC20 Presale Integration and advanced Token Vesting capabilities. SwordX empowers you to effortlessly step into the world of blockchain fundraising, making your project launch smooth, secure, and successful.


  • Full Website Integration: SwordX | Full Website With ERC20 Presale Integration (Token Vesting) provides a comprehensive website solution, offering a professionally designed and fully functional platform for your project. From sleek landing pages to interactive content, SwordX ensures that your online presence is as impressive as your project itself.
  • ERC20 Presale Integration: Easily set up and manage your ERC20 presale directly from your SwordX config (Sale Contract). Streamline the fundraising process by allowing contributors to participate in your token sale with just a few clicks. SwordX ensures a secure and user-friendly experience for both you and your investors.
  • Responsive Design: Ensure a seamless user experience across devices with SwordX's responsive design. Your website will look stunning and function flawlessly whether accessed from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, maximizing accessibility for your community.
  • Token Distribution - After the pre-sale (In 4 different dates) - 25% each date.


Files Included

  • Pre-sale Smart Contract (Solidity)
  • React JS Frontend Files (Full Source Code)
  • Documentation



  • ERC20 Wallet (For gas)
  • VS Code or any other code editor
  • Shared Hosting / VPS


If you need help or custom blockchain development contact us on Telegram: @zilab_technologies


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Release date10 Oct 2023
Software version1.0.0
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