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Pulse Chain Presale Component (Embed On Your Site) + Smart Contracts is a full pre-sale REACT JS component to launch your token sale, it's compatible with any token that has approve method (100%). To launch the token presale you must hold the balance of the tokens you want to add for the presale.

You can set your own token price, add payable tokens like USDT, DAI, BUSD, USDC and any other token from the https://scan.pulsechain.com/tokens

Pulse Chain Presale Component (Embed On Your Site) + Smart Contracts is a fundraising method used by cryptocurrency projects to raise capital before the official public launch of their token. It involves selling a certain amount of tokens to a select group of investors or contributors at a discounted price before the tokens are offered to the broader public.


Important: USDT will not work on the testnet demo!


Here are some reasons why token presales can be beneficial for new tokens:

  1. Early Capital Injection: Token presales allow projects to secure funding early in their development, providing the necessary capital to fund the project's development, marketing, and other operational expenses.
  2. Build Community and Interest: Presales enable projects to build a community of early supporters and investors. These individuals are often more engaged and interested in the success of the project, providing valuable feedback and word-of-mouth promotion.
  3. Price Incentives: Participants in a token presale typically receive tokens at a discounted price compared to the anticipated public sale price. This creates an incentive for early investors to contribute and support the project.
  4. Establish Initial Liquidity: Token presales can help establish initial liquidity in the market. Early investors who purchase tokens during the presale may be more likely to trade or use the tokens, contributing to the token's liquidity on exchanges.



  • Manage token price (update it any time)
  • Easy updatable UI (and embed it on your existing site by using <iframe>)
  • Manage progress bar
  • Smart Contract Included
  • Token vesting (with unlocking - after the presale)
  • Less gas fees on the token buys
  • Withdraw raised funds anytime from the sale contract (ONLY WITH OWNER WALLET)
  • Stop sale any time
  • Resume sale any time
  • Wallet Connect v2 Support
  • Trust Wallet Integration
  • Metamask Integration
  • Locked amount show after connecting with the wallet
  • Automatic Chain Switch
  • And more


Technology Stack

  • React JS
  • Solidity
  • Tailwindcss



  • Crypto wallet (Trust wallet / Metamask)
  • Some PLS on the wallet for gas
  • Shared Hosting / VPS / Domain name
  • NODE JS (For Local Setup)
  • VS Code (Or any other code editor)


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