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Buy & Stake | ERC20 Ethereum Crypto Presale With Bonus Staking dApp + Smart Contracts is a comprehensive ERC20 Ethereum Crypto Presale solution featuring Bonus Staking dApp and Smart Contracts, tailored for the Ethereum Mainnet. This all-in-one Buy & Stake form component includes essential elements such as smart contracts, a user-friendly frontend, and an embed solution, streamlining the process for launching your own ERC20 Ethereum token presale effortlessly. 

The Presale smart contract incorporates a bonus vesting (staking) method, ensuring that buyers are rewarded for patiently awaiting the token release. Project owners have the flexibility to set a daily Return on Investment (ROI) in percentage terms. Users can easily track and witness their accumulated ROI, updated every 24 hours, by seamlessly connecting with their wallets. 

Upon the conclusion of the presale, investors can claim their full tokens along with accumulated rewards, securing 100% of their entitlement. This claim process is facilitated by a nominal unlocking gas fee and once paid, the tokens and rewards will be promptly credited to the investor's wallet. Experience a streamlined and rewarding presale journey with Buy & Stake | ERC20 Ethereum Crypto Presale With Bonus Staking dApp + Smart Contracts solution on the Ethereum Mainnet.



  • Sell your own ERC20 Crypto tokens;
  • Receive raised ETH/USDT instantly on the presale owner's wallet;
  • Stop presale anytime;
  • Resume sale anytime;
  • Easy installation;
  • Update token price anytime (From the smart contract);
  • Withdraw your tokens;
  • Token Claim Form Included;
  • Daily Reward System for the Investors;
  • Dynamic Token Amounts;
  • Easy token Buying;
  • Wallet Connect v2 Integration;
  • MetaMask Support;
  • Update reward %;
  • Increase Your Token Sale;
  • Embed form on your existing website;
  • Install on a Subdomain;
  • And much more...


Tech Stack

  • React JS (Frontend);
  • Solidity (Smart Contract);
  • HTML/CSS (TailwindCss);
  • Node JS



  • Node JS
  • Crypto Wallet (ERC20)
  • Domain/Subdomain;
  • Shared Hosting or VPS/Dedicated Server (With Web Server)
  • Code Editor


If you have any questions feel free to contact us on Telegram: @zilab_technologies

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