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BulkSender | Ethereum Crypto Token MultiSender Service dApp With Smart Contracts is a comprehensive multisender service dApp designed for your crypto project on Ethereum Blockchain. It allows you to facilitate bulk sending of crypto tokens with the lowest fees available in the market, while also providing an opportunity to earn commissions as the platform owner. 

You have the flexibility to set the platform fee as per your preference and modify it on the fly. The dApp features a user-friendly and visually appealing interface, making it easy for users to interact with. To initiate a bulk token transfer, users simply need to input the token address, wallets, and amounts in CSV format. 

After approving the desired amount for bulk sending on Ethereum Chain, the tokens will be instantly deposited into the designated wallet following transaction confirmation. This service proves to be a more cost-effective and faster alternative compared to manual token transfers.


Why to use MultiSender?

  • Bulk Transactions: Multisenders allow users to send cryptocurrency tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction, saving time and effort compared to sending individual transactions for each recipient.
  • Lower Fees: Multisenders often have lower fees per transaction compared to individual transactions. This can result in significant cost savings, especially when dealing with a large number of transactions.
  • Simplified Process: With a multisender, users typically input the necessary information (such as token address, recipient wallets, and amounts) in a CSV format, streamlining the process and reducing the likelihood of errors.
  • Commission Earning: For platform owners or those providing the multisending service, there is an opportunity to earn commissions. Users can set platform fees and potentially generate income as transactions are processed.
  • Instant Confirmation: Multisenders can facilitate almost instant transactions once the user approves the bulk send, providing quicker access to the transferred tokens compared to traditional methods.
  • Handling Large Volume: Multisenders are particularly beneficial when dealing with a large number of transactions, making it easier to manage and execute transfers at scale.
  • Flexible Fees: Users can customize platform fees according to their preferences and adjust them dynamically based on market conditions.
  • Smart Contracts: Multisender leverages smart contracts, automating the execution of transactions and reducing the need for manual intervention.


  • Fully Responsive UI
  • Wallet Connect v2 Integration
  • Trust Wallet Support
  • MetaMask Support
  • Smart Contract Included
  • Updatable fees
  • Set one-time array limits
  • Token information reading
  • Wallet disconnect
  • Fast processing
  • 4 step process
  • CSV Support
  • View details before sending out the tokens
  • And more...


Tech Stack

  • Solidity (Smart Contract)
  • React JS
  • Documentation



  • Node JS
  • ERC20 Wallet
  • Code Editor


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